Our passion, your full potential

An intense, effective and unique coaching experience.
An approach based on strong interactions and
facilitated by state-of-the-art technology.

Individual coaching

Clarify your vision and the path to achieving your goals.

Team coaching

Improve communication, well-being, commitment and productivity.


Define and control the direction and development of your business for maximum results.

Your guarantees

Proximity, fully personalized, fast, efficient and human
- 100% satisfied or refunded *
- Your loyalty is rewarded **
- No obligation ***


Whether remote or on-site, our excellent programs remain effective.


Your time is precious to us because it is an essential criterion for evaluating the quality of a service.

* If our coaching services are not suitable, they will be 100% refunded to the Client. Offer valid for the first 3 sessions after activation of the contract.
** For each recommendation that will lead to a new contract for one of our products, one or more coaching sessions will be offered to you and will automatically be added to your initial package.
*** All our packages can be interrupted at any time after the payment of the sessions carried out with a 15 days’ notice.

Our passion, your full potential

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

In order to thrive in life, or in your business, you will need a great plan.

Can we help you?
How many training courses, techniques and methods have you followed? If you still haven’t achieved the desired results, it’s certainly because you haven’t applied your greatest potential. This is why coaching is so crucial to your success.
Need a coach?

Every great entrepreneur, leader, sportsman or woman is surrounded by
coaches and advisers. People turn to a coach when they need a co-driver, a different perspective to broaden their own field of vision, to make them more effective or even better than they are today.

Most importantly, you can’t be everything you aspire to be, but you can be more of the person you already are. A coach will listen to you and guide you towards success.

What is business coaching?
We understand that every company, every leader, every employee is at a different stage of development. That’s why we have developed multiple programs to help you create new opportunities to improve your results.


What was their experience?

Above all, I got to know myself better.

To put a name to the values I hold and use them in my work on a daily basis.

The sessions are well run and organized. Nicola takes the time to prepare the content in advance and I walk away with new ideas every time. What I appreciate most is that Nicola never tells me what to do. He coaches me so that I can find my own solutions and ideas for development.

I pursued coaching to help me prepare masterclasses in leadership and group leadership.

I learned through coaching how to prepare my speech, how to put my ideas in order and how to make a text consistent, rich and captivating.

It was an excellent experience that I will definitely repeat. I was able to regain my self-confidence and rediscover "public speaking"
L. R.

Coaching has allowed me to improve my time management and better define my priorities and vision.

I learned how to better understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as i learned how to manage my time better through tools such as delegation, setting goals in writing, etc.

My experience during the coaching sessions was very good, relaxing and enriching.

I used coaching to avoid falling into a routine (metro, work, sleep).

My coach was able to challenge my way of working and together we defined "SMART Goals" to change some ingrained habits and adopt better ones.

The sessions are dynamic, encouraging and a breeding ground for good ideas.

This coaching slowed me to become aware of my strengths. I was also learned how to work with my strengths.

how to work with them best. I was also able to acquire practical tools for conflict resolution. I particularly liked the playful side with the role plays (mediation) which helped me a lot. Thank you.

I have benefited from this coaching in the context of my family relationships and for the market development of my company.

I gained confidence in my role as a father as well as discovered concrete solutions to overcome my priority obstacles.

I experienced attentive listening, a pleasant and friendly setting, great empathy and a very positive space for reflection.

I have used coaching for general development of my personal and professional qualities.

I discovered through the Clifton Strengths assessment that it is possible to identify a person's unique talents and realized that there is a very advanced "science of talents and qualities".

For me, the experience of the coaching sessions has been a source of new knowledge, positive, motivating and sometimes a little challenging in a good way.

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