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Exclusive partner of GALLUP® in France and Switzerland

Gallup is an American company established worldwide with over 60 years of experience in business and personal coaching. Gallup has developed proven programs that are used by both small and large organisations.
Auxanõ Team is the official and exclusive partner for France and Switzerland. Together we ensure the harmonious development of your human resources through the proven CliftonStrengths® system, the principle that your natural talents are your strength.


The Gallup® approach enables your organisation to gain peace of mind in the workplace and improve employee engagement and well-being.

Based on the CliftonStrengths® assessment, your entire Talent DNA helps you understand how to work better with others by focusing on what you do best. Live your best life using your strengths. To become the best version of yourself, you must understand and develop your potential. But most people don’t know where to start.
That’s where we come in to help you understand your strengths so you can unlock your potential and lead yourself to better performance.

Here are our best offer packages including standard GALLUP® products and accompanying Auxanõ Team coaching:



CHF 99
  • Get a basic understanding of your top five themes and improve your daily performance.
  • Évaluation CliftonStrengths Top5
  • Customised analysis of the report
  • 1 coaching session of 60'.

Offer to get to know each other better

CHF 555
  • Decipher your complete talent signature and maximize your potential. Name, appreciate and focus on your innate talents and identify potential obstacles to achieving your goals.
  • Evaluation CliftonStrengths 34
  • Customised analysis of the report
  • 1 coaching session of 90'.
  • 2 coaching sessions of 60'.


À la carte
CHF 225
  • Accelerate change in your career or personal life. Connect your energy channel to a specific goal. Turn moments into momentum.
  • Identify what is most important for you
  • Get a new job
  • Develop your ability to convince

Gallup® coaching offer for strong teams

Auxanõ Team and Gallup® present the STRONG TEAMS online or in-house workshop. This workshop offers an invaluable opportunity to understand and apply the principles and best practices of strengths-based development.

It is primarily aimed at managers and their teams to support them in their daily interactions, in the execution of their tasks and thus to achieve above-average professional results.

This workshop allows managers and employees to “name” their strengths using a common language. It allows them to quickly identify areas of potential excellence and blind spots – and how natural tendencies contribute to both. In this way, they are radically transparent with each other from the start.


Strong teams

  • 1 rating CliftonStrengths 34
  • 2 coaching sessions 90' for the manager
  • 1 coaching session per participant
  • 3 workshops of 2 hours in teams

The CliftonStrengths® approach provides practical solutions and effective responses to your organisation's daily challenges

With the right partner, you can create an exceptional workplace!

Building a great company culture, developing people, attracting talent and aligning strategy with business needs are some of the biggest challenges facing HR leaders.

You need a partner who can provide actionable solutions, that’s where we can help.

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